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Bouldering at Harmers Wood

Improving the mental aspect of climbing

Ever since I’ve climbed my mental game has been weak. I find that when trying a route first time round I tend to make it much harder than it needs to be and over think the entire problem. It’s not until I then watch somebody else do it that I understand how simple the climb is and that I just need to relax. I’m the kind of climber you see who looks like hes been on a plastering job – IR
5.10 Anasazi Review

5.10 Anasazi VCS, a year in review

For the past 12 months I’ve been climbing mainly in my 5.10 Anasazi. As I mentioned in my blog post last June, I was recommended the shoe by many climbers and heard plenty of stories on their edging performance and quality of the Stealth Onyxx rubber – I did also mention however that I’d heard lots of stories about the heel cup being too big and having too much dead space which is a big turn off for l
Group abseil SPA Award

Supervising on a group abseil – SPA Award

On Saturday May the 2nd I had the opportunity to help supervise a group abseil with Joe from All Terrain Adventures. The abseil was taking place at the Royal Armoury Museum in Leeds and was a good insight into how you would setup a system from a buildings roof, something I hadn’t done before. I met Joe at around 10.30pm and after sorting the parking out we made our way to the top of the Armoury. We used the e
Bouldering at Harmers Wood

Bouldering at Harmers Wood

Yesterday I headed down to Harmers Wood with Mike for a short almost introductory session to the crag. I’ve only climbed at Harmers Wood once before and I’d never topped out on any of the routes – it was all new to me. Yesterday felt like a baptism by fire and that anything I thought I knew about climbing was wrong, everything I attempted was a kick in the teeth and I left feeling weak and woeful.

April Update

It’s been a while since my last post and so I thought I’d write a short, brief post on my current status. 3 weeks ago now I believe I sprained/ruptured the A2 pulley in my ring finger on my right hand. Whilst climbing at BeBoulder in Widnes I ended up sticking a static move that was at my very limit, slipping and taking my entire weight on the tips of my outstretched index, middle and ring finger. As I
Climbing in Fontainebleau

Climbing in Fontainebleau!

Fontainebleau, the mecca of the bouldering community – a place I had always wanted to visit and finally got round to doing so this March! Clare, my Brother Chris and I took the pilgrimage to Fontainebleau on March the 7th 2015. We set off for Dover at around 4am on Saturday the 7th of March. Google maps suggested that the drive was around 4 and a half hours but we made good time and arrive at around 8am ̵
Ealking up Moel Siabod

Moel Siabod via Daear Ddu Ridge

On Saturday My Brother Chris and I decided to tackle Moel Siabod, one of the Eastern most peaks in Snowdonia (872 m/2,861 ft). There was no real reasoning behind why we decided to take on Moel Siabod, just that we read on UK Hill walking forums that the mountain was classed as a strenuous walk yet offered some impressive views and little in the way of traffic. After finishing breakfast from the famed Moel Siabod
Walking up moel famau

Walking up Moel Famau

Today, Clare and myself decided to walk up Moel Famau in the Clwydian Range at the boundary of Flintshire. Although Moel Famau is the highest point in the Clwydian range it isn’t technically a mountain as it only stands at 555 metres.   We set off at around 1.30pm unaware of the time it would take to get to the Jubilee tower or where it even was and what path to take for that matter – This is a

Climbing at Penmaen Head, North Wales

Climbing at Penmaen Head Over the past couple of weeks Chris and myself have mainly spent our weekends practicing towards our SPA Assessment, this weekend however we decided to ditch our weekly routine and head east down the A55 and get back to basics with some good old sport climbing. Firstly we headed to Penmaen head. It’s somewhere neither of us had climbed before and according to our guidebooks the grade

SPA Assessment Practice

Earlier this month my Brother and I finally bit the bullet and booked our SPA Assessments for mid February with JB Mountain Skills ( Although we have more than enough experience and logged climbs between us, booking the assessment has given us an extra kick up the backside to get out and really concentrate on the SPA Award syllabus and ensure we leave nothing to chance

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